As promised (many many months ago) here’s an update of what I’ve been working on…..

Lots of TV commercials… Here’s two of my favourite

The Vodaphone commercials featuring the beautiful Yoda.

Working with the fastest man in the world! Best week ever!!!


The Less Glamorous Side of Make-Up = Mud Men!

Last week I was given the glorious task of making Johnny Vaughn and Steve Brooker very very filthy! With fake mud… of course. We were filming the commercial for the second series of ‘Mud Men’ on the gorgeous coast of Kent. Heres some snaps (unfortunately you’ll have to wait till the commercial is launched to see the bigger picture) but here’s some hands a digger and some lovely boats:)

‘Mud Men’ returning to History Channel in the new year.

xx Katie xx

Looking After Your Eyelash Extensions

I thought I’d pop some after care advice up here so my clients and anyone else who’d like some guidance has something to refer to.

To maintain and ensure you get the greatest length of time possible out of your extensions follow these steps as best you can!

Remember the extensions will last the lifetime of your natural lashes (if taken good care of) the lash cycle is about 10 weeks. Don’t be alarmed if you loose a few in the first few days, this is very normal. I recommend in-fills every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking full and lushes!

  • In the first 48hours after application avoid contact with water, heat and steam (I know it sounds daft but be careful when opening the oven… trust me, I’ve made that mistake)
  • Use an oil free cleanser and make sure to avoid the extensions when removing make-up.
  • You can wear make-up just as you normally would (hurray!) just ensure it’s not applied to the lashes themselves and don’t let make-up migrate onto the lashes. For the fist 24hours I’d avoid wearing eye make-up all together.
  • If you can’t help yourself from wearing mascara (in my opinion it’s not necessary but some will and do disagree with me!) Please make sure it’s not waterproof. The best ones to use are made by eyelash extension manufactures as they are guaranteed to be free from any oils/ chemicals that can affect the adhesive bonds. They are also super easy to get off using just warm water.
  •  Be careful with eye creams. They shouldn’t be put anywhere near your lashes (even without extensions as it can cause puffiness) so now’s a good time to start applying it to the optical bone (generally just under or on the brow and follow it round underneath the eye) Don’t worry the product will travel closer to the eye, treating the areas of concern.
  • Do NOT pull or rub the extensions (if they start to look sparse and you’d like them removing please contact me or your therapist)
  • You can go swimming after the first 48hours of the initial applications. I wouldn’t recommend extensive exposure to chlorine (so swim like a mum not a mermaid)
  • I always use a protective top coat after the treatment and I recommend using it every couple of days (especially if you’re wearing lots of eye make-up or going swimming regularly) it just protects the adhesive bonds from oils and chemicals. I have a supply for my lovely clients.

Hope this helps keep them looking fabulous!

xx Katie xx